Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Time out.

Okay this being sick and still being successful is harder than I thought. Last night as I struggled through my work out, I noticed I didn't have my usual strength.  I took one bathroom break during my cardio on the spin bike (TMI?) but finished out the 30 minutes I had planned on eventually.  When I moved to my floor work for bridges and cruches for toning  for the day, I had a really hard time getting my reps in.  I was tired and weak.  Only did about 50 crunches instead of my usual 200 plus. I'm happy I at least did something for my body, but boooooo. I really wanted to lose 3 pounds all in one week this week to get to my next milestone/goal and reward.  I have these rewards plotted out for myself in a list in my iPhone, a prize for every few pounds lost to keep me going and make it fun without being about food!
I have a definite feeling I will need until next Friday's weigh in for my 184 reward.. the mythic Michael Kors booties I keep fantasizing about. Especially because I...
Cheered up my sick self with a big bowl of cookie dough ice cream last night, with a scoop of peanut butter on top, sprinkled with sliced bananas.
You do not get a photo, because this is not a food porn site, and I don't want to look at it later and want it again.
I felt miserably ill, and consoled myself with sweets, after I had been doing so well at taking care of myself in healthy ways: rest, hot lemon tea, vitamins, nutritious foods, lots of fluids, moderate exercise.  I caved. And then went to bed.
The lesson in this?  Had I not had the ice cream in the house, I could not have eaten it in my weak moment.
Mission: Throw out remainder of quart of ice cream the moment I walk in my house after work today. And for future, treats may only be purchased in single serving sizes.  Extras need to be immediately given away or thrown away.  It is not wasteful, it is wise. My goals are worth it.


  1. Not wasteful! My mom always says, better to go to waste than to my waist. Cheesy, but true :)

  2. I love that! I'm going to keep that in mind. I grew up in a big family and always felt I had to clean my plate, and hog the "good stuff"--ice cream, fruit snacks, chips... I need to continuously fight that mind set and let food go!