Monday, December 10, 2012

Pass the tissues

I don't know if I got sick because I worked myself too hard, or because I rested too much. Or I just got sick because it look like the North Pole outside. Regardless of the cause, I feel like doo doo.  And all I want to make myself feel better is comfort food, comforter, hot cocoa, and movies.

But I made it to the gym this morning. Through the snow.

I rested this weekend.  Actual rest.  Like a full 2 days happened with no workouts.  Now my streak restarts.

And I am committed to lose 3 pounds at this week's weigh in, regardless of physical handicaps and less-than-ideal weather conditions. 3 pounds will get me to my first goal-milestone, and earn me the Michael Kors boots waiting in my closet for a lighter me. Gotta get there this week. I'm too excited!!

To get there without sending myself to the hospital with pneumonia, I'll be doing 2 a day workouts, but being very careful to eat very nutritiously and also sleeping 8+ hours per night.  I make my to do list and schedule every day and make it happen. PLANNING. It's possible. Writing this out is helping already. :)

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