Monday, December 3, 2012

Freakin Weekend

Heyyyyy.  So I had a great weekend, and great food, and took no days off from gettin my sweat on. And I've lost more weight, but you don't get to know how much, because you don't get to see my scale for 5 more days and I get to look whenever I want. :)

Friday I was craving chocolate baaaaad on my period. My bestie Claudia was too, so that didn't help matters for moral support!  I had done my morning workout, but I forced myself to burn some more calories on the bike at  home, and still wanted a treat, so we got Blizzards, and enjoyed every bite of them, guilt free. I tracked the damage and moved on!  

Saturday was a super busy day.  I had my sweet roommate's masters violin concert (it was fantastic), work errands, brow wax, birthday gift shopping and wrapping, laundry, birthday dinner, and an hour drive to work in there.  So, I got up early and did my workout first thing.  40 min cardio and then jumped in to the to do list.  And helped my roommate Katie with her hair.  Did I mention how cute she is? 

Later, at my fab friend Emily's birthday dinner at Ichiban in SLC (great place), I filled up on edamame and water, and enjoyed a delicious Pink Power roll with shrimp and asparagus. Yum!!! Great times with the girls.

Me, Adriana, and Kristy Kay. Love. 

Sunday. Lounged. Loved it. Still worked out! Smooches!

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