Thursday, December 13, 2012

Jazz and Big Macs

My awesome little sister Audrey gets free Jazz tickets at work! And she let me have two and come to a game with her! Best Christmas present ever! It wasn't really a Christmas present, but it was still grrreat!
The game was last night, and I knew my evening would be busy, getting off work, picking up my friend Claudia, and driving up to the game in Salt Lake and all.  But I knocked out a 45 minute Jillian workout DVD the moment I walked in the door from work, cooked a salmon filet and sweet potato while I showered fast, got pretty, and ran to the game. And OMG, it was the best game ever.  Sweet win, 3 pointer by Mo Williams on the buzzer to win it. Plus, our seats were in the second-from-the-top-row, and I filled my water bottle 3 or 4 times, so I went up and down those killer stairs plenty of times.  My booty was killin me all day today.
Also, I snuck in a ton of healthy snacks to munch throughout the game: cuties, almonds, string cheese, apple, but was still starving after the game.  It got out at 11:30 and I had burned lots of calories throughout the day so yeah I was...  HUNGRY. I made the conscious choice to stop with Claudia for chicken nuggets and a diet coke, but when we got up to the McDonald's window, the girl saw we were both in Jazz jerseys... And asked us for ticket stubs from the game for FREE BIG MACS!! Winning Jazz ticket stubs get you free Big Macs apparently! So we got those instead. Too many calories for my day, but oh well. Call the wahhhhmbulence.  I was being festive and having Jazz spirit.  And I will still lose weight this week. Watch me. 

Friend Michelle's lucky jersey.  Won us the game and free food.

Before the game. Um, a little excited!!

Audrey, Claudia, Me.  Jazzed.

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