Monday, May 5, 2014

Next Step... Goals. Oh boy.

So I'm doing this big Whole 30 thing, and believe me, if you are doing it or ever want to try it, that is enough. But I'm 12 days in as of tomorrow, and I have discovered some things about me that have led me to want to make some goals to step it up a little:

  1. Only 2 snacks per day. I'm not supposed to be snacking much at all on Whole 30, but I have let myself have some fruit, veggies, or nuts every time I'm hungry. It's been A LOT of fruit and nuts. Way too much fruit, and I'm still liking that sugar. The point of this goal is plan my meals more mindfully so I'm fuller and not hungry between meals. Fill up on proteins and veggies. 
  2. Try more new recipes. I'm already falling into ruts, making my same favorites over and over. Lots of boiled eggs, lots of lettuce wrapped hamburgers and sweet potato fries. I need to pick 3-4 new recipes every Saturday before I shop that I can do that coming week. I'm taking the time to cook anyway. I can do it. 
  3. I'm ready to step it up with physical activity. I've been wanting to take a barre class for weeks and months, so tomorrow is the day. I'm going to take my gobs of energy, and show them off! 
My main focus is the main rules of the plan, but I'll do my best with these. It's an awesome process.