Thursday, February 14, 2013


So, it's my blog, and I'll say what I want to. Even if it's weird.

I want to talk a little bit about what motivates me and how I stay excited about fitness and losing weight. It can be tricky.  Not that tricky, because I really just purely WANT to be healthy deep down, but every so often this voice talks to me that says "Um hello, you are gorgeous and perfect just the way you are, eat what you want!"  There are two sides to this story, one side that is supremely grateful that I find myself beautiful at my "heavier" weights, and one side that wishes in a twisted way that I hated myself enough to never eat and to work out 10 times a week.  Told you this would get weird.  BUT.  The happy balance I am leading up to is what I mentioned a moment ago: my real motivation to take care of myself in a healthy way because deep down I just love myself that much, and want to show my gorgeous body I love it by nourishing it, making it strong, sexy, and amazing, and also because I love how I feel when I do.

Now, when this ultimate motivation weakens a bit, and I need something more tangible or immediate to spur me along, I like to give myself little rewards and reminders.  I get mini-rewards for every 2 pounds I lose, and larger rewards for larger milestones.  I'm still working on the Michael Kors boots I mentioned in an earlier post.  They are for hitting 186 on the scale. Mini-rewards are things like fashion magazines, nail polish, lip gloss, Bath & Body Works treats, etc.  I earned this pretty nail color for this past Friday's weigh in:

If material treats somehow didn't do it for me (which would be cuckoo), I like making lists of benefits and fun things that will come with my weight loss, that are less material. This might get weird again, but again, my blog...
  • daydream about laying on the beach in my new swimsuits in San Diego
  • smaller boobs :) (I swear this is motivation enough.)
  • summer clothes
  • knee high boots not being tight on my calves
  • face skinnier in pictures
  • feel stronger running dirty dash race coming up
Things like this keep a girl with a vivid imagination moving forward.  Plus anything worth making a list for is worth fighting for.  Plus I love lists.  Perfect plan.

Happy Vday from a sick puppy on the mend. <3

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Shrimps are my favorite

I have a feeling if Forest Gump's friend Bubba could have reigned in the bottom lip a bit, we could have seriously hit it off romanically. We have a lot of common interests.  Okay, our obsession with shrimp at least. I could make anything with shrimp.  It's my favorite everything. Shrimp pasta, shrimp tacos, shrimp salads, shrimp stir fry, shrimp pizza.. and today shrimp open-faced quesadilla. Behold.

Just a few baby shrimp, 1 Tbs. low-fat cream cheese, sliced peppers, 1 oz cheddar, 2 Tbs. fresh salsa on a whole wheat tortilla, nuked for 30 sec. Presto. Protein, fat, and fiber for 325 calories and gorgeous.  My CEO was jealous. ;)

um. blechhhh.

I felt like yuck yesterday. Like a word inappropriate to say for my audience. I was tired, sore, my injured tendon was killing me, my cramps were out of control, and I was cranky and had no energy for anything besides turning Friends on my TV and taking a nap.  Not even watching, just sleeping knowing my Friends were there.
So what did I do on the way home from work? Pick up a KFC Chicken Pot Pie and Cheese Curds. I sure did. And then ate the whole thing. And this is after I "gave up" fast food. Great.
So apparently I'm still comfort eating.
This was after I had also spent the evening prior cooking, writing out my meals for the day, packing them up, pumping and preparing myself for my great food plan in a new way. I just shot it all to heck.

I just suck sometimes. And then,
I wrote out my meals for today, cooked and packed them again, tracked the atrocity that I called a dinner, and moved on.  Today will be a better day. I'm definitely coming down with a cold, and need to shop tonight and get some lemons for tea and some other good stuff, but today is better already.  I have my workout stuff packed, and looking forward to some low impact elliptical time that won't aggravate the tendon in my hip. Keepin it movin.