Wednesday, February 6, 2013

um. blechhhh.

I felt like yuck yesterday. Like a word inappropriate to say for my audience. I was tired, sore, my injured tendon was killing me, my cramps were out of control, and I was cranky and had no energy for anything besides turning Friends on my TV and taking a nap.  Not even watching, just sleeping knowing my Friends were there.
So what did I do on the way home from work? Pick up a KFC Chicken Pot Pie and Cheese Curds. I sure did. And then ate the whole thing. And this is after I "gave up" fast food. Great.
So apparently I'm still comfort eating.
This was after I had also spent the evening prior cooking, writing out my meals for the day, packing them up, pumping and preparing myself for my great food plan in a new way. I just shot it all to heck.

I just suck sometimes. And then,
I wrote out my meals for today, cooked and packed them again, tracked the atrocity that I called a dinner, and moved on.  Today will be a better day. I'm definitely coming down with a cold, and need to shop tonight and get some lemons for tea and some other good stuff, but today is better already.  I have my workout stuff packed, and looking forward to some low impact elliptical time that won't aggravate the tendon in my hip. Keepin it movin.

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