Monday, January 28, 2013

Next Step

I had a tough time with temptation tonight.  A sweetie sweetheart in my ward brought me some delicious-looking banana bread cake, and also.. I had a rough day.  When I came home to that moist, thickly frosted cake, I really wanted to throw my no-sugar policy out the window.  Or just take a mini-break.  But I didn't. I ate dinner.  And I still wanted to eat the cake.  But I didn't.  And then I did laundry and did my nails. And I still wanted to eat the cake.  But I DIDN'T. And then I made some tea, and watched some Love and Hip Hop, and I'm finally over the cake.

I talked to myself about the cake for a while, and I came down to this conclusion: 1) It's only January, 1/12 of the way through my year-long goal. I am stronger than that. 2) This is not the first or last lovely sweet treat I will receive from a kind friend.  It does not warrant me dropping something I have made a high priority.  I can be gracious and grateful without going off track. 3) This is not my first or last long/stressful day.  I can cope using other things besides food (manicure, tea, garbage TV, whatever). That's what I came up with.  I'm happy with that for me.

Something else, now that I've seen my own super powers against sweets of all strengths and varieties, I'm ready to step it up.  From February forward, I'm cutting fast food.  I've still been eating fast food occasionally, trying to make "healthier choices" when I do, but it contains tons of chemicals, sugar, and salt that feed food addiction and make me overeat.  Um also, it's really high in calories and bad for me.  So it is next to go completely on the clean eating mission.


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  1. You are AMAZING!! So proud of you!! Its wonderful to see you realize your worth and strength. You are an inspiration!