Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Shrimps are my favorite

I have a feeling if Forest Gump's friend Bubba could have reigned in the bottom lip a bit, we could have seriously hit it off romanically. We have a lot of common interests.  Okay, our obsession with shrimp at least. I could make anything with shrimp.  It's my favorite everything. Shrimp pasta, shrimp tacos, shrimp salads, shrimp stir fry, shrimp pizza.. and today shrimp open-faced quesadilla. Behold.

Just a few baby shrimp, 1 Tbs. low-fat cream cheese, sliced peppers, 1 oz cheddar, 2 Tbs. fresh salsa on a whole wheat tortilla, nuked for 30 sec. Presto. Protein, fat, and fiber for 325 calories and gorgeous.  My CEO was jealous. ;)

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