Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Ready Set Go

You gotta start somewhere. And I'm starting this today. I've "started" losing weight many many times before, but today is different, and here's why:
-Today is a random day, a mid-November Tuesday marked by nothing but spontaneous motivation and get-up-and-go.
- This is public. I am committing to progress not just to myself, but to anyone else to cares to see.
- I promise to be remarkably honest. I may love or loathe, but never lie. It does nothing for my body!

Okay, here's the set up: I will weigh in and share the results every week. Cross your fingers for good movement! In addition, I'll post pics showing proof of physical progress every 8 weeks. SEXXYYY. Then, stories of sweat, food, discoveries, and total BS fail days along the way. Let's go.

P.S. My tools right now includes the Weight Watchers Points Plus online program, and a variety of workouts, cardio and weight bearing. Those will get exciting as my exercise ADD kicks in.

K time to strip.

Naked photo credits to bff Claudia Chileshe.

This number is rough for me.  It was just this past June that was enjoying scale numbers in the high 160's.  I was so cute! That me is still part of this me, and I'll get there.  

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