Sunday, November 10, 2013

Scale Free Fall

I didn't forget about Scale Free September, I just forgot to write about it.  :/ But! It has been going wonderfully! It has morphed into Scale Free Fall since I love it so much, and I may just move on to Scale Free Life soon. I have weighed myself 2 or 3 times since September 1st, and I have MAINTAINED MY WEIGHT. That is effing huge. I have not gained 20 million pounds without checking my weight every day or week, even through my birthday, a vacation, and Halloween treats. Further, I have shrunk in size. :) I failed to post my measurements at the beginning of this journey (oopsie), but I'll post them together with my current ones now. I made notes of very precise points on my body so I can be consistent every time.

September 1, 2013 Measurements in Inches:

Waist (1 inch above belly button): 36.5
Hips (largest part around booty): 48
Arm (largest part): 14
Bust (fullest part): 41.5
Thigh (thickest part): 28

November 10, 2013 Measurements in Inches:

Waist: 35
Hips: 46.5
Arms: 14
Bust: 40
Thigh: 27

No words. Success speaks for itself.

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